Switchblade Divot Tools w/Ball Marker

Switchblade Divot Tools w/Ball Marker

Published by Tattoo Golf Staff on 9th Apr 2019

Viper Switchblade Divot Repair Tool with Removable Ball Marker

A great new switchblade style divot tool in a rainbow of colors!! This cool new tool features a push button, spring activated switchblade style divot tool that also includes a color-matching ball marker! This tool is functional, great looking, and super-cool to use. Whip this out on the green, hit the button and watch the divot tool flip out just like the switchblade knifes you used to buy in Tijuana!!

Spring activated switchblade makes pitch repair quick & easy fold away blade. Superb quality & rust proof stainless steel with ball marker

Available in black, sky blue, red, and pink