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Tattoo Golf Belt Week Profile

By: Josh Babbitt

As most of the readers of The Hackers Paradise know, we are big fans of Tattoo Golf. They were one of the innovators of new and fresh golf gear designs. When THP had a chance to talk with them about doing a clothing review, we jumped at it, and of course the readers here have found a new clothing line that they have enjoyed as well. During that time we spoke with Greg Shaw from Tattoo Golf about Belt Week and although we profiled the belts in their review, we will cover them again here as well.

Tattoo Golf was kind enough to send us a couple of belts to try out for their review. The first thing I noticed was that these things are well made. We got a chance to see the black buckle and the silver buckle as well as one of their belts. Without going into details yet, one of my favorite things about these belts and buckles is that they are interchangeable. Meaning you can snap on whatever buckle you decide. Most of the companies we have reviewed have their buckles as a permanent fixture. This way if you only want to buy one belt and multiple buckles you can and interchange them. That made us all happy!

The belt itself is a thing of beauty. It has a nice textured finish and has their logo stamped around the entirety of the leather. We got the black one sent to us and I have worn it both with and without a buckle. As you know we are bargain shoppers sometimes at THP and to think that this belt will only set you back $19.99 is a thing of beauty. It can be found Here.

The black buckle that was included was a hit the minute it came out of the box. It features their classic skull & crossbone logo but adds a wonderful shiny black finish. It is big enough to look tremendous but at the same time small enough to not get in the way. It is a piece of art on your belt and something that any fashion conscience golfer needs in their collection. It is also a bargain at $19.99. The best part of this is, if you like the belt and the buckle, you save some dough and get both together on sale for $34.99 Here.

The sliver buckle that was included is again interchangeable with our black one.

Tattoo Golf Clothing

by Apryl DeLancey

Based in Southern California, Tattoo Golf has golf apparel and accessories with a bit of an attitude. Inspired by tattoo designs and current fashion trends, founder Bill Anderson decided that it was time to do something besides the traditional golf attire one day after a round. Initially starting online from his Burbank home about seven years ago, the company is now carried in select pro shops around the country and has an online store. You can almost guarantee to see the Bill and partner Greg Shaw at a booth for the Southern California golf shows a few times a year as well. Oh yeah, and Bill’s about a ten handicapper and serious about his game.

The label is targeting “a young-minded golfer who is dissatisfied with the golf clothing that’s found out in the market today. They are looking for something fun, different, and a bit edgy to set themselves apart from the crowd. They probably don’t buy much, i f any, golf apparel in pro shops or golf stores because it’s not their thing.”And no, you don’t need tattoos to wear the line.I’ve seen golfers with and without ink that wear their clothes.The demographic for the line is mainly men and women 25-45 that want something different in their golf attire.

Besides golf shirts they carry tees, sweatshirts, tanks, covers, balls, hats, and other accessories.There are styles for both men and women and they come out with new designs regularly.The men’s argyle design has been their most popular golf shirt so far.If you really like their look, you can pick up one of their golf value packs that come with a variety of products.

I recently tried their new “La Jolla” golf shirt for women in orange when I was playing in the desert.Even though it was about 105°F outside, the shirt never got sticky or felt cumbersome.After the round, I wasn’t wet and cold when walking into the heavily air conditioned buildings.Other than moisture wicking, the shirt has an antibacterial finish and can go right into the washing machine and dryer.My husband wore the men’s “Santa Cruz” and was equally comfortable.This design also features moisture-wicking fabric and is lightweight. We both have hats, tees, and divot tools from Tattoo Golf with their signature skull and crossclubs design as well. I’ve got their driver cover in black also, which fits up to a 460cc head and matches my bag quite nicely. This driver cover has the magnetic closure so the club slips in and out with ease.

Take a look at their website and sign up for the newsletter while you’re there and check out the “Shots in the Rough” section.Fans of Tattoo Golf send in pictures of themselves wearing the clothes and of their golf-themed tattoos.If you’re looking for an alternative to the norm, this is your clothing line.


Tattoo Golf’s Badass Gear

By: John Duval

One day while sitting in the clubhouse with my buddies after a round of golf, I was lamenting about how most golf shirts look the same, with boring patterns and not much character. So I stood up and said “You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have shirts with frickin’ sculls on them!”


Little did I know, they already existed. Not only do they exist, but they look damn good too. Tattoo Golf makes some of the coolest golf apparel I’ve seen yet. Their rebellious, tattoo inspired clothing is fresh and unique, featuring skulls with dimples, crossed golf clubs and other fun patterns. They also took the tattoo idea to belts, hats and other accessories for a complete line of cool gear for golfers that want to stand out from the boring solid polos everybody else wears.


Many of the shirts have patterns printed on the front and back and all are tastefully done. My personal favorite is the newly redesigned OB (Out of Bounds) polo (pictured) that features a cascading skull pattern down the front and a Tattoo Golf logo on the back of the right shoulder. It’s made of high performance microfiber knit fabric that wicks moisture and feels light against the skin. MSRP is $54.99 direct from their online store.


I also love the switchblade style divot tool and the solid metal belt buckles that are a great compliment to the shirts. Common, you know you’ll want to surprise your golf buddies by showing up to your weekly game wearing this stuff!

PGA Magazine Retailing: Unique Finds


GOLF Magazine Featuring Military Style Golf Hat


Golf apparel with edge: Enter Tattoo Golf

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I stumbled upon some really smooth, edgy golf apparel lately and wanted to find out a little more about the company behind it. I’m referring to Tattoo Golf, out in California.

Poly-dri golf shirt keeps you dry in hot conditions.

Greg Shaw, the vice president of sales for the company, took a little timeout to give me the lowdown on the company. He joined Tattoo Golf in ’06 as co-owner and since that time they’ve retooled their website, expanded their line, broadened their advertising/marketing efforts and signed up several international distributors.

Shaw says the company is now doing golf expos and other consumer shows and in 2010 they’ll be attending the Orlando Golf Expo for the first time. Here’s a quick Q&A

Q: How long has Tattoo Golf been around? Whose brainchild was it?
A: The company was started 10 years ago in Burbank, Calif. by Bill Anderson. He’s a tattooed golf fanatic (10 handicap) who was just plain tired of the uptight, stale state of the golf apparel business so he decided to do something about it and created the look and image of Tattoo Golf.

Q: How’s business been through the recession?
A: Actually quite good. The company’s been around for 10 years but we really only started busting out over the past couple of years and fortunately sales continue to rise despite the economic mess in the U.S. We were rolling along really well last summer then got slammed mid-Sept. when all the financial institutions started tanking but things got back on track around the holidays, and ’09 is shaping up just fine so far!

One of Tattoo Golf's Flexfit hats.

Q: How do you advertise mostly?
A: We primarily advertise on Google and Yahoo search engines as well as targeted banner ads on a few other golf-related sites. We do limited print advertising in a few regional magazines such as Southern California Golf, Fairways & Greens (Northwest) and Cascades Golfer (Washington).

Q: Most of your customers come from where?
A: The U.S. is our biggest market, however we get orders from all over the world with Canada, Australia and Germany being our top three international markets. Strangely, we seem to have a very strong customer base in Finland and Sweden. In the U.S., California is #1 followed by Washington, Texas, Illinois and Arizona.

Q: Are your goods in any stores?
A: Definitely. We’re in about 30 shops right now but expanding fast and the good news is, most shops we’ve shipped to have re-ordered so that tells us that the line is selling well. We’re primarily in golf shops but have also sold to some tattoo parlors & last year we were selling in the Hard Rock Theme Park in Myrtle Beach (up until they locked the doors).

The London Financial Times



Tattoo Golf - Aggressive Golf Wear

by Diggolfin

Here at GolfDiggs, it's all about finding the things that separate the young generation from what is old and stale in golf, and as you know, there is plenty of old and stale. It’s not just about a white polo, khaki shorts, and the old saddle style golf shoe anymore, and you need to know this. There are other places to shop for golf clothes besides the pro shop at your local course, and it is my goal to point you in the direction of such places. If you agree with this attitude, and hopefully you do or you wouldn't be reading this, you need to check out Tattoo Golf, an "Agressive Golf Wear" company creating all kinds of edgy golf gear with young and aggressive playing golfers in mind.


TG has everything you need on the course - mens and womens golf shirts, head covers, golf bags, belt buckles, balls, tees, ball markers, and the list goes on! You name it, Tattoo Golf has it. I mean seriously, how cool is your generic, sun faded head cover, and what does it do for you and your game? Don’t think it would make a difference? Just think about having TG's golfer skull headcover on your driver, and imagine how you will feel the next time you pull it off of the big dog on a long par four. No doubt, it will give you the aggressive mindset you need to take that hole on, and blast a drive right down the center. Let's face it, the best golfers in the world have confident, bordering on cocky, attitudes, and this gear will help you reach that same level of confidence.


If you like what you see with Tattoo Golf's on course apparel, then also definitely check what they've got for you to hang in off the course. You probably have never thought of a golf t-shirt as being something you would wear when out with your friends or something, but TG has some styles that any young man looking for a sweet little lady would be proud to rock. Trust me! Check it all out now at



Making Their Mark
By CATHERINE RISLING (Southland Golf Magazine)
A few years ago, Bill Anderson did what many only dream about: He chucked his job building houses and decided to make golf his new career.

Only he wasn't focused on playing the game - he had his eye on the clothing.

Driven by what he considered outdated and unimaginative options, Anderson set out to design a shirt that would make an impact on the course. He drew on his affinity for body art and off-beat designs, and started doodling a skull with cross clubs. Without any experience in fashion design or knowledge of the apparel industry, he embroidered the logo and company name, Tattoo Golf, on polos and silk-screened it on T-shirts and hats. He then started selling his wares online.

"I learned this business through trial and error," said Anderson, 42, who started the company out of his Burbank home. "I taught myself to build the website, which was very rudimentary in the beginning."

He went to local consumer shows and wore his shirts at every course he played. Everyone was interested, it seemed, and word-of-mouth spread quickly.

"I knew Bill had something, it just needed to be marketed," said Greg Shaw, who had been in toy sales and marketing before signing on as Anderson's partner in May 2006.

Beginning with Shaw's arrival, they retooled the website, replacing the homegrown feel with professional photos and a wider offering of clothing and accessories. The line has expanded from shirts and hats to hoodies, wind shirts, golf towels and gloves. The women's line also is growing, with plans to offer more than tanks, polos and hats in the next year.

Sales have climbed steadily from a meager first years, with no signs of slowing down. And the number of returning Internet customers is strong and steady.

"We have a great following of devoted customers and that includes our retail customers," said Anderson, a 9 handicap who plays about once a week. "Every golf shop that has purchased our clothing has come back to reorder, which we're both very proud of."

Anderson wears that pride on his skin. He now has seven tattoos on his body, with the most recent being the Tattoo Golf logo.

"Our customers are looking for golf gear that complements their lifestyle and sets them apart from the crowd," said Shaw, a 22 handicap who grew up playing Verdugo Hills Golf Course in Tujunga. "We believe the Tattoo Golf line appeals to all ages and we've got customers ranging in age from their teens to players in their 80s."

Adds Anderson: "Even my grandfather, who's 88 and still plays with his buddies, is wearing our clothing. He loves the company; he's always wearing our clothing."

The line has garnered international attention with a March feature in the German edition of Golf Punk, a UK-based publication. The company has also been mentioned in golf fashion articles for the San Francisco Chronicle and London Financial Times.

Tattoo Golf also has made it into the world of reality TV - Nicki DeSanto of Golf Channel's "The Big Break" was seen wearing a Tattoo Golf T-shirt on the Reunion show in March.

Next year, Tattoo Golf will debut its 75-piece line of clothing and accessories at the PGA Merchandise Show in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, Anderson and Shaw have incorporated an argyle print with the company logo, totaling the number of polos to seven in four colorways for the men's line and two for the women's.

"Golf is no longer a game played strictly by old guys at the country club; it's totally mainstream with kids and rock stars and everyone in between taking up the sport," Shaw said. "They don't want traditional, they want golf clothing with some style. So we've taken it upon ourselves to challenge the establishment and give the people what they want


An Interview with Greg Shaw from

Posted by Brian Weis from

In early spring of 2008, while researching new golf products for the year I stumbled onto Tattoo golf. Their apparel was pretty wild and I posted a blog submission on

My quote was "My grandpa is rolling in his grave because gone are the days of izod golf shirts, argyle socks and pastel golf pants."

This golf apparel company is shaking things up and bringing a little attitude and spunk to the game of golf. Let me paint the picture, Hell’s Angels just joined your foursome.

Initially, I got a good chuckle and thought the company had an interesting niche since I have seen my share of Harley shirt wearing golfers in my beer drinking golf leagues.

Ironically, shortly after posting the blog article about Tattoo Golf, I received an email from Greg Shaw, one of the partners of the company. He agreed to an interview as he wanted to share with the golfing world what his company was all about.

Interview Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf

Brian Weis - Greg, thanks for taking a moment to chat with me. Can you share with me a brief history of the company and how the idea got started?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: My partner, Bill Anderson, started the company about 7 years ago because he was fed up with the one-dimensional look of golf apparel and the fact that there was nothing in the market that could truly express his style & personality. He's a 10 handicapper who sports tattoos and would be considered a "non-traditional" golfer because of his looks & clothing.

Brian Weis - And the logo?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: The skull & crossed clubs became the company's main design and upon seeing it, it leaves no question as to what the company is all about.

Brian Weis - When did you join the company?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: I joined as a partner 2 years ago and in that time we've retooled the website, added tons of new products, started exhibiting at shows and we're now aggressively expanding our wholesale business.

Brian Weis - Many of your products are unique, what type of golfers are you trying to target? And what has been the reaction to your products?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: I think our entire line is unique just for the fact that there is nothing else in the market like it. We have the whole aggressive look going with the skull & crossed clubs design but we also have top-quality merchandise so it's not just for looks, it's also extremely functional. Many of our polo shirts feature our Poly-dri fabric which is a very breathable material that wicks moisture away from the body & keeps you cool. All our headgear is from Flexfit who are tops the business.

Our core audience is both men and women between the ages of 20 and 45 who are looking for something different, fun, a bit edgy, and more importantly, something that sets them apart from everybody else.

We have a whole pack of hardcore, diehard fans and to give you an idea of what I mean by this, as of today we have 5, that we know of, customers who have actually tattooed our logo on their bodies!

Brian Weis - Seriously???

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: I am not kidding? You can check out our Shots in the Rough page on our website to see them all.

(Side Note: I did verify it at

Brian Weis - Now that is brand loyalty!

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: Yes! (Big chuckle) I seriously doubt that anybody's been passionate enough about Ashworth to get a tattoo of their logo!

Brian Weis - Now I am offended, I have one tattooed on my shoulder?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: Really?

Brian Weis - No! Obviously I am joking. (Pause for some laughs)

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: Well, we do sell temporary tattoos for those who love our brand and want to show off some extra attitude on the course. You can find them in our catalog section of our website at

Brian Weis - So what’s new for 2008? Anything coming down the pike you can share?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: So far in '08 we've introduced our Argyle design in a Poly-dri polo as well as t-shirts. We've also added driver covers, putter covers, golf balls and bags to our accessories line. We're currently working on a new design that will be featured on polos and hats and will be an alternative to our skull design. This will be out for summer of 2008.

Brian Weis - I ordered a hat and shirt and must say I love the quality and the style of the grey argyle polo shirt! Where can our readers find your products?

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: Yes, that shirt is one of our popular ones.

Our catalog can be found online at Please let your readers know that when they can come to our website to order, they should enter coupon code j3off10 to receive a 10% discount.

Brian Weis - Greg, thanks for the offer and your time!

Greg Shaw - Tattoo Golf: Anytime, thanks Brian.



5 Questions With Tattoo Golf!
Golf apparel does not have to be pretentious and stuffy - just ask the guys at Tattoo Golf! Appalled with the horrendous choices in golfing attire, founder Bill Anderson made a point to change that hideous fact forever. The company's roots began with Anderson selling the line from his Burbank home from a simple web page. Since then, they have been a fixture at events and on courses everywhere. Greg Shaw, who joined Tattoo Golf in May 2006 was gracious enough to answer 5 questions for me about my favorite golf apparel company, golf, and the state of its fashion:

1. How much resistance do you get from the bigger chain stores and the pretentious golfers? Has it been an uphill climb to get into the more conservative areas? For example, how much penetration do you have outside of Southern California?

The Tattoo Golf line is targeting a young-minded golfer who is dissatisfied with the golf clothing that's found out in the market today. They are looking for something fun, different, and a bit edgy to set themselves apart from the crowd. They probably don't buy much, i
f any, golf apparel in pro shops or golf stores because it's not their thing. One fact we're very proud of is that every retailer we've sold to has reordered! This tells me our product is selling but getting chain store buyers to understand this and carry our line is proving more difficult than we expected - but we're not giving up. I think when you deal with older buyers there's a perception that our line is strictly for the fringe element but it's not! You don't need tattoos to wear our line! We've obviously been concentrating our wholesale efforts to So. Cal. but we have a few accounts in other states and have a new Mid-West sales rep who is starting to do a great job for us.

2. Why do you think it is taking so long for golf to loosen up? What do you think it will take to make the sport more accessible? Is golf destined to forever be a "rich guy" or "country club" sport?

I actually think the sport is more accessible now than ever before which has brought a flood of new, younger golfers out onto courses throughout the U.S. Once the cost of clubs is out of the way, a round of golf at a muni course won't set you back all that much and outside of California, the prices really drop to play a round so our customer base is definitely growing.

3. Do you have any pros that you sponsor now? Have you tried? Is this also a challenge to be taken seriously by the golfing elite?

We don't have any touring pros wearing our gear now but we're working on it! We could outfit them with clothing but at this stage of our company’s life it wouldn't be possible to be a cash sponsor but one day..... As far as golfing's elite taking us seriously, we were approached by LPGA rookie Mollie Fankhauser who said she absolutely loves our line so we're working with her to get some hats & shirts out to her which hopefully she's wearing when she wins her first tournament.

4. Where does the company get inspiration for designs? Tattoo art? How many tattoos do you guys have? While we are on the subject, why does everyone look at tattooed golfers like we are going to rob them on the driving range?

Everybody loves skulls so the main design of the wicked looking skull with crossed clubs was a natural for us. We do look at tattoo art for inspiration and also follow current fashion trends to capitalize on the “what's hot” at the moment. Last year we started seeing argyle designs again so we jumped in with a Tattoo Golf version of the argyle pattern and it quickly became our best selling shirt. My partner Bill has the tattoos. I'm the virgin! As far as getting robbed on the driving range, I guess it's still surprising to see tattooed people playing golf or maybe they're wondering where they put their golf clubs on the chopper?

 5. What do you believe has been the most defining moment in golf history in the last few decades? What do you think the next big thing will be?

I hate to say it but I think Tiger has changed the industry forever. He's increased viewership in PGA televised golf so much that tournament purses have exploded making every player in the top 150 a millionaire. He's brought an unimaginable number of new, young golfers to the game and he's also made the game so cool that everyone wants in on the action. I've always golfed but in the past decade I've know many friends who've picked it up because they feel like they're missing out on something! In high school it was considered nerdy to be on the golf team but those days are long gone. Tattoo Golf's the next big thing for sure!

Tattoo Golf's Indelible Mark
By Megan Jones
GPA Correspondent

Bill Anderson did not see any golf wear at the pro shops that appealed to a guy like him. Anderson, who sports multiple tattoos, isn’t drawn to shirts sporting a preppie alligator or polo horse, said his business partner, Greg Shaw. That’s just not his style. So Anderson designed his own. The result was Tattoo Golf, with its one-of-kind Skull and Crossclubs design.

Along the way, he found other golfers were drawn to his more aggressive clothing style, Shaw said. “There’s a huge demand for nontraditional golf clothing,” Shaw said. “People who are buying the Tattoo Golf line are looking for something to let them stand out from the crowd.”

The line appeals to more golfers than people might think, Shaw said. Initially, they had younger males, say in their teens to 30s, as their target demographic. The young guys are well represented in the customer base, true, but older men and women are keeping them busy, too. The company is actually working to expand its women’s wear now, adding more polo shirts, tees and tanks, and accessories such as pink driver covers.

Anderson initially sold the clothing only via the Web ( Sales have taken off, Shaw said — “It’s unlimited, what you can do online,” — but the partners are working on the wholesale side of the business, too. Tattoo Golf is in five golf shops now, one in the Midwest, the rest on the West Coast (the company has its headquarters in Burbank, Calif.).

Getting in the door of those shops is the most challenging aspect of the business, Shaw said.
“There’s been a reluctance from some of the shops to take it in, because of how aggressive it looks,” he said. “They think it won’t work, but it does.

“I think [the look] does scare some people. You go into the pro shops, and if there’s an older guy who does the buying, they don’t get it. But when you look at the golfer on their golf courses, they’re wearing stuff off the street, because there isn’t golf apparel they will wear.”

Enter Tattoo Golf. The company sees good sales once the clothing is on the shelves, Shaw said. “Every place who has put an order in with us so far has reordered from us,” he said.

Tattoo Golf recently took a leap forward through a deal with the Hard Rock Park, a theme park in Myrtle Beach, S.C., scheduled to open this spring. One of the shops in the park will have a tattoo theme, and management approached Tattoo Golf about selling its clothing there. The partners are now waiting for their first order.

Currently, their top seller is a relatively new argyle design, which they have expanded into a high performance fabric (originally it was available only in a jersey knit). It is available in three colors. Hats also sell well. The Skull and Crossclubs design is incorporated into all of the products, but not always in the same way. Some shirts feature a large, splashy logo; others are subtler. It’s a way to let customers order their own level of attitude, Shaw said. Of course, there’s attitude, and then there’s attitude.

“We have five people we know of who have gotten a Skull and Crossclubs logo tattoo,” Shaw said.

For information on Tattoo Golf, including its product line and catalog, go to

Tattoo Golf Apparel Review

Posted by Josh B from The Hackers Paradise

Some people can be described as vanilla. They enjoy playing golf in khaki shorts and a white polo and just enjoy the game for what it is. A GREAT GAME THAT WE ALL LOVE! Others are different. Some express their game on the course with attitude. Others express their game on the course with STYLE. That is where Tattoo Golf comes in. The golf apparel business has been in transformation for the last few years. It started with some tour players wearing flashy outfits. Along came clothing manufacturers to match those clothes for the average player. But did you know that 10 years ago, a small company came along that stirred the pot and made “Aggressive Golf Wear”? Well let me introduce them to you.

When we set out to do apparel reviews, tons of readers sent emails asking for more information on Tattoo Golf. We contacted owner Greg Shaw and he told us the story behind the brand and where his partner Bill Anderson came up with this idea.

“It was the Summer of ‘98 and there I was having a post-round beer with my buddies at the 19th of our local club. Usually a gathering at the 19th hole means our worries are over. A few beers in the clubhouse can make your best game even better and your worst game not quite as bad. This is where my buddies and I solved life’s dilemmas, strengthen the bonds between us, and transformed into Tiger. Though we’ve solved most of the worlds problems already, on that hot day a few years ago we found ourselves in a quandary. There existed a dilemma that no amount of alcohol in any clubhouse could help us solve…the horror of the golf attire industry! I decided that very day that golf attire needed a little attitude, and I was the one to provide it and just like that, Tattoo Golf was born. Off the course I like my clothes and my ink to express who I am. Why should that freedom be compromised by some 200 year old stuffy, “tradition”? Obviously I don’t think it should. ”

We asked Mr. Shaw to send us some samples of his line and he was happy to oblige. He really believes in his product and wants the world to know about. It is not just about dollar signs for him. Shaw believes that his clothes

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